The Great Big Gift

The Great Big Gift is a program of four web teleconference meetings over two months to help you organize your personal, financial, and estate records with greater ease and support. You can call in from a phone or computer. Optional TGBG Freebies are offered for ongoing support. These are regularly scheduled free meetings for any current or prior participant to report progress, and for anyone who would like to know more about The Great Big Gift. Complete program information is on the Program Overview page. Schedule and registration information is on the Schedule & Registration page.

The complete Great Big Gift consists of tending three related elements of life…

  • Information – your personal, financial, and estate records
  • Relationships – with your family, friends, and colleagues
  • Stuff – your physical possessions

In addition to The Great Big Gift group web teleconference meetings for organizing your personal, financial, and estate records, individual coaching is available for attending to any of these three areas.

If you are 18 or older, you have information that can be organized to make your life easier. And we’ve all had relationships and stuff since we were born.

In general…

  • If you’re 18 to 20-something, this is about adulting.
  • If you’re in your 20s to 30s, this is about easy access to info about finances, college, career, health care, maybe kids.
  • If you’re in your 40s or older, this is about easily organizing info about life, family, work, health, investments, and more. It’s also about what will help you live the life you want as you get older, and what will happen to your estate (everything you own) when you die.

Why do The Great Big Gift program? Just a few of many reasons…

Having your information organized creates peace of mind. Whether you are healthy and active your entire life, or need support or assistance at some time, it’s great to have important information in order. If you do even one of the following you will have given yourself and your loved ones a Great Big Gift. The more you do, the bigger the gift.

  • Get together important usernames and passwords
  • Complete a simple will
  • Fill out as much as you can in an organizer of your choice.

Having your information organized frees you to live life more fully. If you had an opportunity to take an extended relaxing trip or adventure vacation, or work outside the country, you could hand your organizer to a trusted friend or relative to help attend to your personal business while you were away. If you ever needed to evacuate your home on short notice, you would probably have time to grab your organizer.

Having your information organized is a huge gift to your loved ones if you ever need temporary or long-term care, and when you die. For example, if you have children, pets, or are self-employed, you want to ensure that loved ones are cared for, and that clients and colleagues are informed.

Of course you can do this entirely on your own, but it’s much easier with the support of a group. So if you haven’t made significant progress in the next month, you’re invited to check back to see when the next session of The Great Big Gift starts.

This is something I would do. I think it’s very nice. It fills me with terror.

~ Sandra Rockman, Nevada City, CA

Anything is better than nothing!

Modern life is complicated. Any information you capture will be helpful to you while you’re alive, and your loved ones after you go. Is there an undone task or endeavor in your life that feels like a chronic stressor (maybe you have kids, but no will)? Of your personal, financial, or estate information, what would be the most difficult thing or things for someone else to find, figure out, or take care of if you were incapacitated or died?

Deciding to do this organizing is a matter of personal readiness. But the feelings of relief, freedom, and peace of mind that come with having it done are worth pushing your comfort zone. You are the only one who can do this. If not now, when?

The Great Big Gift web teleconference program is here to help by providing structure and support for getting things done. And we laugh and have fun along the way. Really.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming TGBG Freebies and program sessions, please fill out the form on the Contact page.



Susan Sanford does not offer legal, financial, or tax advice or planning. What she does offer is structure, support, and encouragement for attending to these and other areas of your life.


If you are interested in individual coaching for making progress with information, relationships, or stuff contact Susan at Visit the Resources page for book recommendations.