2019 News from The Great Big Gift

TGBG Program Sessions

  • Beginning in January 2019 The Great Big Gift 4-session web teleconference program is available upon request. Program cost is $200 or reciprocal exchange. Reciprocal exchange is an amount you choose to pay for the benefits you derive from the program that also aligns with your finances. It can be more or less than $200. Contact Susan to arrange a reciprocal exchange amount susan.tgbg@gmail.com.
  • The program can be done as individual coaching sessions. Contact Susan for rates.
  • If there are people you would like to do the program with, put together some options of when you could all meet and contact Susan. If you have a group of 10, the program can be for just your group. If there are fewer than 10, the group will be opened to the public to fill up to 15. Your group could be family and/or friends – a book, church, or other special interest group, a hobby or hiking club, etc.
  • Other preferences? Get in touch.

TGBG Freebies

  • Free meetings for prior participants to report progress, and for sharing information with people who would like to know more about The Great Big Gift. Scheduled upon request.